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ALVEAR, Carlos de.

El Director Supremo del Estado a todos los habitantes de las Provincias Unidas.   Dated Buenos Ayres 31 March 1815.


Buenos Aires, Imprenta del Estado (1815).


Folio  1 f.  Wrappers.  

Alvear was “perceived, in the interior, as an agent of the most obnoxious variety of porteño dictation, and it was there that acts of defiance against his authority began.   However, the movement was taken up in Buenos Aires, where much of the army upon which Alvear had previously relied as a critical element of support now turned against him” (Independence of Latin America, ed. Bethell,  p. 124).  

Written shortly before his resignation on 15 April, Alvearhere  declares his wish to establish a strong state through military force, essential to confront so many perceived dangers.   He rails against the belligerent attitude of Artigas at whose feet he lays the blame for devastation, towns sacked, estates burned, the most horrendous crimes committed, the most beautiful country on earth laid waste, such is the ambition and perfidy of our leaders.   And he proclaims that his duty is to be the protector of peaceful citizens.   But the army and the ruling Cabildo had turned against him and Alvear fell from grace.

Furlong IV, 3167.   Zinny 1815, no. 13.   Mallié II, No. XCVIII, pp. 389-390, who reproduces the document.   Not in Palau or Sabin.  


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