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[ALVEAR, Carlos de.]

Circular.  Desde que D. José Artigas vió recompensados pródigamente sus primeros trabajos . . .   Dated Buenos-Ayres 30 March 1815.


(Buenos Aires, n.pr., 1815.)


Folio  1 f.  Wrappers.   Left margin strengthened with adhesive tape.

Montevideo had been recaptured from the control of Buenos Aires in early 1815 by José Gervasio Artigas, hero of Uruguayan independence.   Carlos Alvear, who had on 9 January 1815 replaced his uncle as Supreme Director of the Río de la Plata region, “sent the Secretary Herrera, a Montevidean himself, to the Provincia Oriental with full powers to come to terms with Artigas so as to present a united front to external threats . . but it was in vain, since Artigas knew very well that he only needed to continue in his present course for Montevideo to be evacuated by the Argentines and fall into his lap . . .   (He) demanded the evacuation of Montevideo . . . and Herrera was in fact forced to order the evacuation of the city on the 24th of February” (John Street, Artigas and the emancipation of Uruguay, pp. 211-2).  In the Circular Alvear rails against what he considers is the treachery shown by Artigas, and tries to sway public opinion for his own support.   The declaration is signed by Nicolas Herrera, “a professional politician unhampered by any excessive consistency of ideas . . .” (Tulio Halperin Donghi, Politics, economics and society in Argentina in the revolutionary period, p. 222).  

Furlong IV, 3166, who attributes the declaration to Nicolás Herrera and who reproduces the verso of the document.   Zinny 1815, no. 12, p. 127.   Mallié II, No. XCVII, pp. 387-88, who reproduces the document.  


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